Arrowhead Consulting

Becoming the Crazy Ones: What We Can Learn About Creativity and Innovation from the Giants Who Made the World We Live In


Date: August 28th, 2019

Time: 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Location: Conference Center 211/213, 6111 E. Skelly Dr., Tulsa, OK 74135


Do you sometimes feel your creativity has dried up?  Has your team become complacent and no longer offer unique and exciting solutions for new products/projects or current issues you’re facing? There are 2 key ingredients necessary to spark creativity: Time and Inspiration. Too often, we don’t make sure these ingredients are on steady supply and still find ourselves surprised when we struggle to get our teams to embrace creative thinking.

Join us for this half-day workshop as we help you find ways to dedicate time to creative thinking and we’ll explore ways to increase individual and team creativity by looking at some of the giants of creativity (Pixar, Apple, etc.). Hands-on exercises, interactive activities, and discussions will prepare you to go back into the workplace and begin generating new and useful ideas for your team and company.