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May 8-9

PM: A Brave New World

Hone real-world project management skills in this interactive course that uses a futuristic Old West scenario-based theme to immerse participants in the learning experience. Hands-on exercises challenge greenhorns and seasoned PMs alike and offer opportunities to apply the tools and techniques at the core of the class. Attendees benefit from the best practices imparted by veteran project managers who earned their spurs in varied industries and have the campfire stories to prove it.

May 22

What does Diversity and Inclusion have to do with it…Everything

Shifting demographics, majority minority, silver tsunami, talent wars, immigration and millennials are today’s buzzwords for the kaleidoscope of our communities. Diversity, equity and inclusion are hot topics no matter the environment – schools, businesses, memberships, neighborhoods, houses of worship, etc. Being intentional in your understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion will develop your ability to navigate conversations, situations and build your confidence for getting uncomfortable. This course will help you build your D&I muscle for becoming a more empathetic and impactful leader when it comes to understanding the different lenses we each use to navigate the world on a day-to-day basis.

May 22

Managing the Winds of Change – An Introduction to Organizational Change Management

To exist and thrive in the modern marketplace, businesses and organizations must embrace change. Those that choose to manage change can ensure that changes are smoothly and thoroughly implemented, reducing resistance from stakeholders, and insuring that the lasting benefits of the change are realized. This course will provide the student with an introduction to the change management processes, tools, and techniques necessary to effectively manage and promote change in their business or organization. Students will be presented with a case study for each process group, and learn to apply the methodologies that they have learned in the course to real world situations.

June 26

Increasing Your EQ: A Head Start to Being Heart Smart

In today’s competitive professional environment, emotional intelligence (EQ) is often the difference between reaching the top or falling flat.  What if you could be 75% more likely to get a promotion?  How about being considered 85% more likely to be a better leader?  This course offers attendees the opportunity to assess their individual self-awareness while enhancing their people skills.  IQ can only take us so far in life, but there is nearly unlimited potential when we tap into our EQ.   Luckily for us, Emotional Intelligence is not a superpower only a select few possess.  EQ works like a muscle, and the research says the stronger the muscle, the bigger the reward.  Techniques for promoting self-regulation and preventing dreaded filter fails help equip participants to be better prepared to tackle the challenge of discerning the motivations of others and navigating professional (and personal) interactions towards more successful outcomes.

July 15-19


PMP® Exam Prep

Guided by PMP® certified instructors, Arrowhead’s Exam Prep course balances 4-days of interactive lecture with hands-on exercises designed to maximize learning retention for the busy project professional, and a final half-day workshop to review specific questions and concepts students need to be successful. Course fee includes all the materials needed to pass the exam. Guaranteed!*

July 24

The Intentional Leader: Manager and Supervisor Essentials

As our workplaces continue to evolve, it is readily apparent companies need to proactively develop their current and future leaders. Even leaders who make it look easy don’t always know how they do what they do. Leadership development is not simply expanding a “tool box” with rarely used skills. It is understanding how to be intentional about utilizing the proper tools. This course prepares leaders to readily implement practical tools and applicable strategies helping them achieve sustainable, meaningful success.

August 28

Becoming the Crazy Ones: What We Can Learn About Creativity and Innovation from the Giants Who Made the World We Live In

Do you sometimes feel your creativity has dried up?  Has your team become complacent and no longer offer unique and exciting solutions for new products/projects or current issues you’re facing?  There are 2 key ingredients necessary to spark creativity: Time and Inspiration.  Too often, we don’t make sure these ingredients are on steady supply and still find ourselves surprised when we struggle to get our teams to embrace creative thinking.  Join us for this half day workshop as we help you find ways to dedicate time to creative thinking and we’ll explore ways to increase individual and team creativity by looking at some of the giants of creativity (Pixar, Apple, etc.). Hands on exercises and interactive activities and discussions will prepare you to go back into the workplace and begin generating new and useful ideas for your team and company.

August 28

What’s for Dinner? Clearing a Path for Better Decision Making

What is the most commonly dreaded daily decision for many people regardless of their professional title?  Oddly enough, it’s what to eat for dinner.  We rarely step back to examine what happens during the day both professionally and personally that would lead to such a quagmire over something so simple, but gaining that perspective is a powerful first step in improving decision-making abilities.  The class approaches decision making from both the perspective of the individual and the collective, or how we actually make decisions based on personal influences versus how we ought to makes decisions based on desired outcomes.  Participants in this course learn techniques for combatting decision fatigue, tools for streamlining prioritization, and strategies for developing a reputation for being an influential decision maker.

Sept. 25

This Is Not Your Father’s Negotiation Class

Negotiation is an exhaustive topic with legendary deals and mythic masters.  It is viewed as a game that sets apart the intimidators from the intimidated with the most talented supposedly possessing some superhuman abilities.  But it turns out there may be more to negotiating than the hallowed halls of Harvard would have us mere mortals believe possible.  In fact, you don’t need to know a BATNA from a ZOPA to become a more successful negotiator.  The course demonstrates how emotional intelligence paired with a few Mr. Miyagi-style lessons (plus a Jedi mind trick or two) can help both the novice and the savvy achieve better outcomes in any negotiation.

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