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Leadership Across Generations


No two employees will ever be exactly alike, and that is never more true when we look at teammates and employees spanning across generations. Did you ever stop and think – there are 4 different generations working alongside one another in today’s workforce. Each group has their own values and experiences that shape how they…

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Reynolds and Cox: An Arrowhead Story


Arrogant. Underdog. Not afraid of a little risk. No! No! Wait a minute! That’s Han Solo, not the duo at the helm of Arrowhead. Or is it?! In honor of “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” Kris and Shane answered a few questions around their epic venture in the style of Star Wars and everyone’s favorite…

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Planning a Summer Vacation Using PM Principles

As summer begins to peak its warm and sunny head out in the coming days, many of us find ourselves in the mood for travel!  Vacationing is fun all year round, but our “big” trips are often planned for summer. You can’t go wrong with trips to the beach, a getaway weekend at the lake,…

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Project Control or Project Chaos: You decide

I heard an interesting question last year: What is the most profitable type of company in the US?  The answer…a well-run Oil and Gas company.  What caught my attention was the follow up question: What is the 2nd most profitable type of company in the US?  Answer…a poorly run Oil and Gas (O&G) company.  These…

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Relieve Madness This March

March Madness is here! But we aren’t talking about basketball this time. Whether it is budgets being adjusted, end of Q1 deadlines sneaking up (with perhaps the trajectory of not being met), team dynamic clashing, or lack of leadership throughout the project, project madness happens. Just about everyone has experienced some sort of imbalance during…

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Surviving Project Management TLA’s

When the topic of TLAs – Three Letter Acronyms (or Terrible Language Alternatives as coined by Julia Shumulinsky on comes up, I always mentally go to Robin Williams portrayal of Adrian Cronauer in “Good Morning, Vietnam”.  In this scene, he relays his opinion of the former Vice President Nixon’s visit and ensuing press conference. …

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Valentines Day as a Project

I’m a firm believer that holidays offer excellent opportunities for anyone to show off their amazing skills in project management.  We’re talking shock and awe, my friends! Take for instance that fast-approaching day in mid-February.  Just in case you didn’t take the hint the day after Christmas when some of your favorite local businesses stocked…

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Differences between PMBOK® Guide 5 & PMBOK® Guide 6

As Project Management methodologies and best practices evolve, The Project Management Institute (PMI) updates their  processes outlined in the PMBOK®  Guide. At a high level, the changes found in Guide 6 stem from   additions in the number of processes, the streamlining of processes and a greater emphasis in the importance of both product and project…

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